Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hike #19

This was a challenging hike for Boogie.  Knibbs Knob at Uvas canyon is not a long hike but it's steep.  You climb 1700 feet in two miles.  I did a lot of encouraging.  My motto is always that you have to climb to see the best stuff.  Boogie was not liking my motto.

This would be a miserable hike on a hot day.  When we went it was in the 70's and it was plenty hot.  There is no shade at all once you are near the top.

The views are fantastic though.  I keep exclaiming "LOOK!" as we were hiking but Boogie was pretty focused on the tough factor.

Not amused.

 There was a lot of wildlife on the hike.  Tons of crickets and butterflies and lizards.  TONS of lizards.  They were brave lizards too.

The smile was back once we were near the top.  I know she was proud of herself for toughing it out.

At the very top there isn't much of a view but there is a bench and shade.  We snacked and rested and then she was her old self again.

I was so proud of her.  I think endurance is a good lesson to learn young.  I'm still learning it.  The grind sucks but then you're at the top and your like "Hey!  I did that!"

In all honesty...the way down was way harder for me.  Very steep and slippery.  My old lady knees were not having a party.  I don't think I would need to do this hike again but I'm glad we did it!!

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