Thursday, May 7, 2015

Diagnosis: Autism

Last year at this time, I was ugly crying in my car whenever I was alone.  Through a series of events I realized that my sweet little Bunny had autism.  It just hit me and I KNEW.

We officially got our diagnosis a few weeks ago and today, through testing we got the label of "moderate autism". 

The diagnosis a few weeks ago sent me into severe sadness even though I knew it was coming.  Then right after that Bunny got really sick and it was a very intense and stressful week of me having no idea where he hurt or what was wrong except that I knew his skin looked like it was exploding.  Today, I heard the word moderate and honestly I thought "At least he's healthy". 

I don't care what he is diagnosed with as long as he is my sweet bright eyed boy.  Last week was miserable.  It's all about perspective.

Of course I have concerns for his future and what having autism simultaneously with down syndrome means for him but I can't allow myself to worry about that.  In this day, in this week, he is back to his happy almost healthy self and for that I am grateful.

This doesn't mean I won't be proactive and a research nut.  But we all know I do that already.  My first goal is to get his immune system stronger.  We have been working on that but we are clearly not there yet.  I have doing the Gemiini program with him for speech and Daddy and I have both noticed a big difference!  As soon as our report comes in we will also be going after ABA therapy.

It's a lot.  It makes my heart sad.  But he makes me happy.

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  1. I was touched when I read your diagnosis story on Luca . He is lucky to have a supportive family.
    Life is hard as it is. I also worry with Cal and at the moment I'm copping flack because I want him at home with us NOT in supported living. I have a strong reason for this but can't post on here
    You are not to strong I'm guessing or you don't think you are. I think Lucas doing incredible and will go far . 💚


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