Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hike #17

This was one of our more memorable hikes...for many reasons. We decided to go to Pinnacles National park on National park weekend. Parking was free and there were a million people. In fact we had to be shuttled to our destination. I chose a shorter hike from a day use area that included the caves and a reservoir.

It really is a beautiful park but I remember it being super hot from hiking there as a kid and it was this day too.  The kids were VERY excited about the caves.  I was wearing Bunny so I  was pretty nervous but I thought it would be easier for me than Daddy

It was nice and cool in the caves and the kids loved it.  There are tons of stairs.  I definitely got my workout!  There were also a few parts that were not very carrier friendly.  At one point I was on my hands and knees crawling over a steel grate.  That was fun.  Right before the last stairs I had to take him off because I couldn't squeeze through the rocks.  I immediately put him on again when I saw the last staircase that was super steep.  I had to lean him to the side to avoid the rocks and he was not a fan.

I got out to the reservoir to find my family and it was very crowded.  Bunny was screaming on my back.  I put him down but he kept screaming then Buddy started throwing a tantrum about something.  People were staring.  It was also not fun.

We hiked back a different route (thank God) and everyone calmed down.  Sometimes it is pure torture to take everyone with us but I know it's good for them.  They all said they had a good time despite our fairly embarrassing scene.

Baby even saw her first snake.  A gardener snake that I apparently walked right past.  I want to go back soon and try some other trails before it gets too hot.

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