Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hike #15

Hike #15 of my 52 Hike Challenge was a "plan B" hike. I had a different hike in mind but it was raining on and off yesterday and there was predicted thunderstorms in the area where I was planning to go so we stuck closer to home.  I've been wanting to do this trail too so it worked out. 

On our way up to the trail we found a friend.  I don't have extensive caterpillar knowledge so we didn't pick him up with our hands.  He was a furry little guy!

As we got closer to the trail it started to pour.  We could see that the rain cloud was about to pass so we waited it out under a tree.  Baby ran right into it.

Last time I saw this area it was covered in cows but we didn't see any yesterday.  All that was left was their smell and patties! Ha.

The hike up to the top was fairly easy.  It wasn't too steep.  The view from the top was so worth it!!  Amazing!  It was very windy at the top.  We felt like we were gonna get swept away. 

You can see Coyote lake on the left and Gilroy on the right.  I love that we were up high enough to see both at the same time.

We tried multiple group jump shots at the top.  My sister is a big fan of the jumping shot so Boogie and I usually try to get a few for her.  It's a little harder with a group.

We found a butterfly with a ripped wing.  It was very sad but Baby was happy to see one up close.

I'm definitely coming back here.  The views are unbeatable!

We managed to hike between rain showers but the rain was definitely chasing us on the way back.  We hussled down the hill.

This was an easy hike that could be made longer by connecting trails from Harvey Bear or Coyote. 

Hike:  Parked at the spillway of Coyote Lake>Took the service trail to Harvey Bear trail>Ed Wilson trail> and back down Harvey Bear trail and service trail to the car.  This was about 3.4 miles. 

Boogie, my super hiker, suggested we do a little detour to Mummy mtn.  I was cracking up because that's another 3 miles.  Just a little detour!!

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