Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

Every month on Instagram I've been trying to post health and fitness goals for myself.  It keeps me accountable and helps to keep me out of ruts that I develop for convenience's sake.  In March, I posted some lofty goals and I honestly didn't do half of them.  The boys got back to back viruses and there was some barfing in there and well, March flew by and the only goal I managed to stick with was to go to bed by 10:00pm.

I'm not going to beat myself up about my goals.  I did a lot of good things in March.  I've obviously been hiking a lot.  This does wonders for my mental health!  I look forward to it all week.  The bedtime of 10:00pm may not seem like a great accomplishment but as a nightowl....this is huge for me.  Now I get tired at 9:00 and I can barely keep my eyes open by 10:00pm.  Since my kids tend to be early risers this really works for us.  I get a ton of stuff done before school even starts.

For April I'm just going to continue with most of my goals.  I am hoping we are done being sick for the year (a girl can dream right?).  So here are my April goals:

  • Work out consistently.  I've really gotten off track with my workouts.  I've been hiking and getting exercise there but I need to get my weights and yoga in.  I think I'm going to piece together a plan from some of the workouts I have.  Part of the problem is that Boogie likes to hog the tv at night but I'm just going to have to tell her to move it or workout with me

  • Fermented foods.  I have a healthy raw milk/coconut kefir going and I am going to make sure I get some of those each day.  I am also taking a ferment class this month so I'm hoping for some inspiration.  I love fermented foods but honestly it's a chore to take care of.  I need to get into a routine.  We obviously need the healthy bugs!  I was trying to do water kefir but I honestly just don't like it.  I keep trying and I just cant stick with it.

  • Whole 30.  I'm going to start a Whole 30 on April 6th.  I didn't want to make even more demands on our Easter meal so the day after will work fine.  I have no plans to binge on Easter candy.  I feel like my eating has been great and I don't feel like my old bad sugar habits are back but for some reason I've been lacking inspiration in meal planning and my own lunches.  Whole 30 always gives me a kick in the butt.  I'm sure everyone being sick had a lot to do with my rut.  Hopefully this gets us back on track.
These monthly goals may seem silly to some but I need the structure.  It not only helps me but it sets the routine for the whole family.  When I eat Whole 30 we all do.  I have way more fruits and veggies available and I am constantly making healthy snacks.  I get more energy which helps with the mood around here.  The fermented foods are something I want everyone doing.  I'm still trying to convince the kids about the kefir but I'm going to keep trying.  Bunny has been getting coconut kefir in his smoothie and he needs it as he is on antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Working out is not only a good example for my kids but they tend to join me.  Plus it helps my moods so everyone wins.

I hope to come back here with good news in May!

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