Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hike #9

Hike #9 was at Uvas Canyon park. The kids weren't feeling great so it was just Boogie and I.  We wanted to hike to the two waterfalls we missed on the last hike.

We got there early and the streets looked like they were smoking from the morning sun.  So beautiful!!

First we hiked up Alec Canyon trail to Triple Falls.  The hike itself was nice although Triple Falls was more like Triple Dribble.  We saw no one though.  Boogie was singing to warn animals we were coming.  Quite comical.

When we got back on the trail we decided to go to the old logging site.  I was hoping for ruins or something.  There was none of that but the creek and rocks were especially beautiful here. 

We even found a little friend.  Boogie finally got brave enough to hold one herself after she made me catch it.

One the trip back we noticed more little friends and even a baby newt crossing the trail.  There were also a few banana slugs in the area.

We stopped for a quick break at a lookout bench and I took off my sweatshirt.  Boogie was not pleased to see my shirt.  I teased her I was going to skip down the trail humming the death march.  I see why my parents always teased me now.  Its quite fun!

Once back at the parking lot we hiked down Swanson Creek Trail.  It's not on the map but it is a gorgeous little hike.  We stopped a lot to creek walk. 

The last waterfall on our list was near where Swanson creek and Uvas creek intercept.  I think this is my favorite waterfall at Uvas.  We spent a lot of time here looking for rocks.  I showed Boogie how some rocks make "paint".  As you can see, she was quite into it and brought rocks home to show Baby.

After the hike we stopped quickly at Uvas Reservoir to check the levels for Pa.  We were loving all the poppies!

Hike:  Alec Canyon trail.  Out and Back.  Swanson Creek trail out and back.  Between 4-5 miles

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