Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hike #14

I really wanted to hike to a new spot today but since Daddy's allergies are crazy he didn't want to join us so I decided to go back to Mt Madonna and do some main park trails.  Looking at the map last night I was actually surprised how small the park is.  There wasn't an easy way to get in a good hike.  We switched trails many times in order to get distance.  That being said, we of course managed to have some fun.

You can see all the way to the ocean from this spot.  I have done this part of the hike once before but I was wearing Bunny and fearing Buddy had fallen down the ravine because I couldn't see him so needless to say, it was much more enjoyable today.

Boogie is turning out to be an excellent hiker.  We have lots of good talks on our hikes and she opens up to me.  I know she loves having me all to herself.

We hit both of our favorite play spots today.  I usually take the kids up here during the summer just to play.  They love being in the redwoods.

We saw lots of huge banana slugs today which is kind of weird because we usually only see them when it's foggy and damp.  We ended up adding 2.6 miles to our hike on a whim for a total of almost 6 miles!  I wasn't planning on going that far but Boogie really wanted to so we just kept going.  The last short trail was hard because it was uphill but we made it!

Two hikes in one weekend seems like heaven.  I'll be dreaming of the next one all week!

Hike:  We parked at the amphitheater in the main park of Mt Madonna (not Sprig). Upper Miller trail >Blue Springs Trail>Bay View Trail (turned right at the fork.  We didn't go down to the road)>Blue Springs trail>Upper Miller Trail>Lower Miller Trail to Loop trail cutoff>Took Loop Trail toward Mt Madonna Rd and back.  5.8 miles

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