Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hike #13

I really needed a hike this weekend. The boys have been sick on and off for hree weeks and it has been rough. We had a busy weekend and I figured Daddy would be working but luck was on my side and he was not!! I decided to go for a hike Saturday morning and I made it close since I wanted to get out for awhile. My thought was to take the girls as I've been spending most of my time with the boys but Baby declined.Boogie and I hit the road early when it was still overcast.

I told Boogie that we would hopefully get up high enough to be above the fog.  I've never done the trail we went on but I have done the other side and I knew we were in for a steep hike.  There were a few times when it was kind of rough on Boogie but she was a trooper!

There were so many amazing flowers to look at on the way up!  I don't know what the prickly things are but I am obsessed with "ugly nature" so they had to be photographed. 

As we rounded corner after corner leading up Boogie was getting discouraged but I reminded her that the best views are the hardest to get to.  It was definitely worth all the huffing and puffing!  The sun was shining and we had amazing views!

Saturday was World Down syndrome day so I proudly wore my shirt and we hiked for Bunny. We really had an amazing time.  We always do.  We got to the top and explored.  There was a quick out and back trail called "Old Mining Trail" so we thought we should see what was there.

And low and behold, we found a lake!  Sadly, it was fenced off.  Boogie pointed out a mini trail that cut through the fence but having friends that have people that trespass on their property all the time, I declined.  I think it's rude.

When we got back to the main trail Boogie wanted to see if the people we had seen under the tree were gone.  We were jealous of their awesome spot!  Luck was on our side again and they were just walking back.  Boogie said she felt like a bride walking through all the wildflowers.

A gorgeous spot for a picnic.  Nothing like nature to make you feel teeny tiny.  What a view!  We looked at the map and decided we were having so much fun that we would take an even longer route back.

Sadly, we hiked a longer way for nothing because the trail was closed.  So we turned around and walked back to the original trail.  Incidentally, I'm pretty sure this is one of the closed signs I saw when I was hiking with the boys but I never out 2 and 2 together.  The sign I originally saw said they were closed until October 2014 so I have no idea why they are still closed.

We had a very deep discussion towards the end of our hike that left us both feeling sad so we decided to cheer ourselves up and head down to the creek to find some newts.  We only saw a few but we also saw more pretty flowers.  It was a perfect hike!  I don't think it would be quite as fun on a really hot day but it's a great Spring hike!

Hike - From the Sprig day use area - Merry go Round trail >Old Mine Trail (out and back)>Merry go Round trail>Loop Trail (which was closed right after the turn)>Back down Merry go Round trail>Tie Camp trail>Ridge trail.  Total 5 miles

I went with my dad and the boys up Tie Camp trail and we didn't even make it to the top because I was carrying Bunny and Buddy was too tired so this would be a hard hike for little guys.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures, Shar! I love it that you're committed to doing these hikes, and getting out and moving with your kids. Such good habits to instill in them, too, you know?
    love, Aunt Ruth


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