Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hike #12

I had great plans for hike #12 of my 52 hike challenge.  We were gonna go to the great Henry Coe State park and do the dreaded Frog Lake hike.  Dreaded because I have bad memories of this hike as a child.  I remember hot and steep and "Snake!" and no frogs at Frog Lake.  I figured that hiking it in Spring would make it a success.  

I read a bunch of hike descriptions.  I read that the only steep area was at the beginning.  I knew that 5 miles was pushing the little guys but I thought with the hard part being at the beginning and a lunch break at Frog Lake it would be a fun hike.

Oh I was sooooo wrong.

I woke up at 6:30am so excited for our day.  We were on the road at 8:45am.  My first amateur hour move was to just plug Henry Coe into my phone GPS.  It took us straight to the Gilroy entrance which was not the main entrance.  Our second mistake was not filling up our gas tank before we left.  Did I mention we were using my phone GPS?  Once we got back in the mountains it was useless.  We drove around a little trying to figure out how to get to the headquarters and then had to give up and go back to town to get gas.

Once we were in a service area I realized that we werent anywhere close to the main entrance and that we needed to go to Morgan Hill.  Daddy was more than annoyed at me but we filled up at hit In n Out for fries to boost morale and headed to the correct place.  We got there at 11:15.  So much for our early start.

I started the hike wearing Bunny.  I got a major workout going up the steep hill!  I love wearing Bunny because he touches my head and hair and arms the whole time.  It's so sweet.   Buddy was having a hard time with the incline and wasn't his normal running-down-the-trails self.  I thought his allergies might be bothering him but we soldered on.

We got to Hobbs Rd and I knew there was a decent decline so I warned everyone to go slow and pay attention.  I myself, had shaking legs because I was so afraid to slip with Bunny on my back.  I couldn't think of how to fall safely so I was just really really careful.

Buddy was really whiny at this point because he slipped a few times.  The girls and I went slow and admired the flowers and looked for cool rocks.  When we were near the bottom we stopped and waited for the boys.

Daddy came around the bend carrying Buddy and I knew we were in trouble.  I gave Buddy a big hug and noticed he was burning up with fever.  At this point it would have been torture to go back up the same way because it would have been super steep and I knew the rest of the hike was flat so we just kept going.  I thought maybe lunch would help Buddy get his spunk back.

We had the whole Frog lake to ourself and much to my delight, there were tons of frogs.  We ate lunch listening to the bullfrogs sing to each other.  It was perfect weather. 

After we ate, the girls and I walked around the lake.  The bullfrogs would hear us coming and jump into the water making an "Eeeeep" sound.  Delightful!!!  We also saw lizards and heard turkeys.

We packed up to head back.  Daddy volunteered to wear Bunny.  We got to the trail sign and realized we had a 3 mile hike back.  Buddy was pretty lethargic at this point so I picked him up....and carried him the three miles back to our car.  It was not an enjoyable hike.  I saw nothing but the trail in front of me so I wouldnt trip.  I had to put him down a few times because my back was screaming.  Oh and we ran out of water (amateur!!).  The girls had a great time though.  They were in heaven with all the flowers!!

When we were .2 or so miles from headquarters and our car we decided to take a break.  This pretty much sums up how we all felt at this point.  We were tired and thirsty.  Daddy was dreaming of slurpees (gross).

My girls have come so far though!!  There was not one complaint from them the whole hike.  Buddy was hurting but he didn't complain either.  As I carried him he was kissing my arms and telling me thank you.  The kids were just such troopers.

I think next time I plan a 5 mile hike I will just bring the girls.  I think on a normal day Buddy could have done it although he would've been wiped out.  I don't think Daddy will be so willing to go along with my hike plans next time either.  Lessons learned!!! I think that Frog Lake trail is just cursed for me.

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