Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hike #10

Hike #10 was a fluke.  I was feeling grumpy and restless so I finished my Sunday chores really fast with the help of Boogie and asked Daddy if we could go explore outside for a bit.  He agreed so Boogie and I went off to Coyote Lake Reservoir.  My only plan was to drive to the end of the reservoir and then hike a bit up the trail I had seen earlier in the week. 

Once we got on the trail my goal became to hike to a good spot to see the reservoir.  We found a beautiful lookout point and even took some jumping pictures for Auntie (she has a thing).

We hiked a bit more then I decided we should probably go back.  I consulted my map and saw there was a trail on the other side of the mountain that would also take us back.  I thought that might be a bit more fun than backtracking so I looked where it met with our current trail but it was hard to decide where we were.  We decided to hike for 10 more minutes and if we saw nothing we would head back.

As luck would have it we came to the trailhead in about 5 minutes.  So we got to walk the rest of the hike on the other side of the mountain with beautiful views of the valley.  It ended up being a 5 mile hike.  I felt bad for Boogie because she had a cheer performance after.  She was great company though!

By the end we were getting nervous we would never get to the trail back and we were on a time crunch but we made it and we even got to see some grazing cows up close and personal.  Fun day!!

Hike:  Parked at the dam and walked up the trail to Calaveras Trail.  Took that to Coyoye Ridge Trail to Harvey Bear trail to get back to the car.  About 5 miles

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