Sunday, March 29, 2015

Girls Day

This is how we do a girl's day around here. We hike.  Now to be fair it WAS kind of girly because we saw of beautiful wildflowers....not that you'll see most of them here.  Apparently Samsung decided to take macro mode off of their phones.  So almost none of my gazillion pictures of flowers came out.  Some will say that is no tragedy but I disagree.  It makes me wanna lug my big camera out on hikes but then I'd probably never actually hike.

Anyway,  this is a hike fairly close by and it has so many magical things.  We saw deer, cows, turkeys, birds, frogs, lizards, millions of butterflies and ladybugs.  It also has amazing views.  We already mentioned the flowers but there were a million different kinds of them.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but getting my kids out exploring nature seems to magically make them get along.  The car ride over may be all fighting but we get out in the fresh air and they are besties.  It makes my mama heart very happy.

I was worried it was going to be a little hot once we were out of the shade but at the top we got some very nice breezes.  It really did feel magical.  Boogie does these hikes with me all the time but Baby was in awe.

We did a total of 5 miles and that was definitely pushing it for Baby.  She was beat.  She was also very hard to keep moving because she wanted to catch every ladybug and butterfly, moth she saw.  She told me the brown ones were easy to catch "because they were dumb".

At the very end she was getting whiny so I told her if she wanted to hurry up to the car she would need to stop catching ladybugs.  She immediately got huffy and said "But that is my favorite hobby and you are telling me I can't do it!"  I explained that she COULD do it but it was adding extra time to our trip.  So if she wanted to go fast she would have to stop.

The rest of the trip I heard "There's a ladybug but I CAN'T catch it so I'm going to ignore it.  Arrgghhh"

Despite the somewhat rocky ending we all had a glorious time.  I think it will definitely become a staple for us.  It's the perfect length (without our extra side trip to the pond...of which I have no pictures because my phone died)  We may have to come back next weekend with the boys.

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