Monday, March 16, 2015

Brotherly Love

On Instagram the other day, a mom of an adult with down syndrome asked me if my kids are as protective of Bunny as her adult children are of her son.  I answered that the girls are but Buddy still sees him as competition.  I am trying my hardest to work on that with him. 

He is starting to emerge as big brother.  A few days ago we got home from running errands and I left Bunny in the car (in the garage) as I brought in groceries.  Buddy came running in and asked me if I forgot someone.  I think he was worried I was going to leave Bunny out there!

Then this happened...

We were looking at the cows at a farm during their cousin's birthday.  I put Bunny down but not too close to the gate because I thought he might lick it.  Buddy was trying to get closer and Bunny reached out for him.  Buddy kept shaking him off and then complained to me that "Bunny was pushing him".

I explained that Bunny was trying to get closer and he needed help.

In one of the sweetest twin moments to date, Buddy reached out for his brother's hand and helped Bunny get closer to the cow.  Be still my heart.  I have big plans for these boys. 

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