Friday, November 14, 2014

November Goals

My before and after P90x3 pictures
I keep meaning to sit down and write this and I keep putting it off.  Now we are almost halfway through November!  So this can serve as both a goal posting and a halfway update.

I post a monthly healthy goal post on Instagram every month but there isn't a lot of room to post long explanations for why my goals are what they are.  Above you see my before and after P90x3 pictures.  Great progress right?  Yes and no.

I finished P90x3 in September and while physically my results were good, my moods have been way off.  I feel like I have been WAY more snappy with the kids.  October was pretty stressful for me because Daddy was working late every night and every Saturday and every Sunday we had plans.  I need breaks.  I need nights out alone and days with no plans.

And I still have 5 lbs that will not leave. I try not to worry about the scale and if I looked my best I wouldn't but I know I've looked better.

So I decided that in November I would focus on mental health.  I keep hearing again and again that stress can cause you to hold onto weight.  It may or may not be the reason I'm holding on to mine but it never hurts to focus on mental health.

My workout is now Metabolic Aftershock which is 20 minutes 3x a week.  Sounds crazy right?  But I feel just as fit as I did when I finished P90.  I will post my after pictures so we can compare but even if I lose a little muscle it will be worth it because my moods have totally stabilized.  No more grumpy mommy!!  The more I hear on High Intensity Training instead of long workouts the more I am convinced.

Walking every day was a goal I posted on Instagram but it's just not happening because it's dark too early so I've changed that to Tuesdays doing Total Synergy (weights) from p90x3 and Thursday doing Yoga from P90x3.  You really aren't supposed to do anything else with the Metabolic Aftershock program but I find I'm losing my rhythm not working out every day.  I need to be in "wake up and work out" mode.  Hopefully having a workout to do every day will keep me focused.

My other goals were making jewelry which I have been doing on the weekends.  It makes me so happy!!

I also quit my three month sugar fast.  I think this was really important for me...the fast.  I've always had crazy sugar cravings.  I feel like with the Holidays rolling around, I don't want to be stressing about food and what I can and cant have.  I plan to be very conscience about it.  I've already had a treat here and there but have been very conscious not to let it be a nightly occurrence.  Hopefully, my old habits of turning to a tasty treat for a pick me up are long gone.  I may need to do another Whole 30 in January to get back on track but that's okay.

Lastly, for November I wanted to take time to be Thankful.  I decided to involve the family with this one.  We have made it a dinner time tradition this month to name things we are thankful for.  If I forget, Buddy reminds me.

I focus so much of my time on our food.  I also spent a lot of time working out in the last few months.  I just think there is more to the picture.  I'll post my results at the end of the month.

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