Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mental Health Day

My dad and I have started these date days to our favorite rock hunting spot.   We mostly collect agates but we are suckers for all pretty rocks, especially green ones, and we also collect sea glass for Boogie.  I call these day my mental health days because I'm doing something (nerdy) that I love, and I'm in nature and there is nothing more therapeutic than the sound of crashing waves.

This magical spot has all these wonderful pitted formations in the rocks formed by the pebbles and the ocean.

Heaven right?  Well maybe not to something who doesn't give a hoot about rocks but to the rock lover this is paradise.

We even found our own private beach.  No one else is ever there.  There are tons of pebbles instead of sand and treasures galore.

This was my loot just for that day. I know it's completely nerdy but it truly does make me happy.

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