Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chicken Shenanigans

 We have two chickens.  It's going to be six real soon but for the moment these two are keeping me busy!  Their wings were clipped a few months ago but they have since molted so they started pulling this stunt recently....

That's our patio swing they are on top of.  Fortunately, we could reach them up there and put them back in their rubbermaid shed turned coop (these are low budget chickens) On Saturday night I had to run out to the store when they normally go to bed and when I got home I checked to make sure they were in bed.  Well, Pepper (the black one) was on top of the swing so I put her back in bed thinking Dorothy was already in bed.  Dorothy was nowhere to be found.  I figured she would show up in the morning.

The next morning she was nowhere to be found.  I started freaking out thinking she had jumped the fence.  There is nothing behind our house but some shrubbery and a road.  I woke Daddy up and Boogie and I circled the block looking for her.  After three loops we gave up and as we pulled in the driveway Baby came out yelling that she found Dorothy.  

She was in a tree.  We don't have trees in our backyard.  There are trees that hang over our fence from behind.  She was in one of those.  So, still in my pjs, I got out the ladder and tried to coax her down.  Well that backfired because she flew over the fence into the shrubbery.  Giving my girls quite the thrill, I hopped over the fence in my crazy pjs and chased Dorothy around for a few minutes.  Finally, I caught her and threw her back to our backyard.  Then I had to figure out how to get back over the fence.  there was no WAY I was walking back around the block in these pjs...

We all laughed and thought it was a fluke until dinner last night when Baby looked out the window and screamed "The chickens are in the trees!"  Because of the time change I wasn't even paying attention to what they were doing yet thinking I had another hour.

See that black thing in the tree way up there?  That's my chickens..


I decided they really needed a perch.  I had not made them one because they seemed perfectly happy huddled on the pallet in the back but clearly their perching instincts are strong so today in the 40 minutes that I had with no kids (Bunny at therapy and Buddy at preschool). I cut down some branches and made a perch.  I even bought my own hammer because Daddy didnt know where his was. 

I was pretty darn proud of myself.  I modified it a little more tonight after watching Pepper try to use it.  I added another branch across and some short branches on the sides for steps.

After school, I asked the girls to catch the chickens so I could clip their wings.  Not an easy task because Dorothy wants nothing to do with us but they did it!!  They were really worried about losing our girls! 

Tonight's bedtime was still an ordeal because they were trying to fly back to the tree and the swing.  They couldn't make it and Boogie kept blocking their way so they would be forced to go in their coop.  Hopefully, the perch will make them happy and we can be done with the drama once and for all!

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