Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Middle Child

I've been thinking about my Baby bear a lot lately.  She has been moodier than normal and when she gets mad she really lashes out with hurtful statements.  I know that middle children tend to feel left out so I have been trying to think of ways to spend meaningful time with her.  Boogie and I have so much in common that I know how to reach her but with Baby it's harder for me.

One thing that we do share is a fascination with bugs.  I do not mean spiders.  Or cockroaches. I mean things like ladybugs, rolly polys, crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars etc.

I remember that in third grade we had to do a "bug board".  It was my favorite project.  I spent hours collecting bugs.  At one time I had a collection of beetles in my room.  Apparently, Baby inherited my love for 6 legged creatures.

I had the great idea yesterday to ask Baby to hunt for ladybugs with me for our garden.  We have some ladybug attracting weeds in our front yard so Baby and Buddy and I went out front while Boogie watched Bunny inside (I told her it was her first babysitting job and I gave her a buck.  She was thrilled)

Then, of course, we made it into a contest.  I found a baby cricket and that thrilled them both and I found a black widow which terrified all of us (But I was able to show them both exactly what a black widow looked like so they could steer clear).  We had a great time.  Baby is not afraid of dirt or bugs and was definitely in her element.  She beat me 8 to 6.

When I had to give up and come inside (after I got sprayed down by the hose thanks to Buddy) I ordered some ladybugs online for us to release in the garden.  I don't care if they stay or not but I know it's a little thing I can do for Baby that she will think is magical.

Although when I went through her homework last night I realized that all I need to do is play games on my phone and I'm golden.

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