Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Working our Program

Listening to Mozart with his headphones.

I finally figured out how to get him to keep his glasses on.  Baby Signing Time on the ipad.  He doesnt even try to take them off.  He's getting used to it!  Doesn't he look cute??

It's been quite an adjustment to do this program with Bunny.  Last week I felt like a complete failure because I just could not get it done with all the kids home.  I am not a scheduled over-organized person.  I have always said I could never homeschool because of how I am.  But here we are and I am determined to make this work to help Bunny.  I finally had an epiphany last night about how to structure things differently and today it worked magically.  I fit everything in with no stress.  Things are looking up!

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