Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break

Ah the dreaded Spring Break.  That sounds so mean to my kids.  I do love having them home and having no wake up time or pick ups.  It is hard to keep them all happy and entertained for a week.  And fed.  My kids literally ate me out of house and home when they were home all week!

I promised the girls if they were my super helpers and did chores during the week so I could keep up with Bunny's program that we could go to the beach on Friday..just us girls.

Monday did not start out on a high note.  By the end of the day I had broken up multiple fights, witnessed the death of a few of my baby plants, cleaned the flood of soapy water off my kitchen floor, cleaned the poop off my bathroom floor (???) and had been rained on because someone decided to unhook the shower head during shower time and sprayed the bathroom.  It was not looking like anyone but myself and a bottle of tequila were going to the beach on Friday.  Maybe two bottles and I don't drink.

Thankfully, the girls rallied big time and the rest of the week was so much better.  In fact it was so smooth that I am wondering why they aren't always these angels!! 

The deal was the girls had to earn 10 tokens each to go.  They got tokens randomly for being extra helpful to me or helping their brothers.  They didn't quite earn their tokens but I told them that because I was so proud of their effort that I was going to show them grace and mercy like God shows us.  That apparently made a big impression on Baby because she kept writing me notes that said "Thanks for showing us gras and mircy".

It was such a nice day at the beach.  A little overcast but it was not crowded at all.  What a difference to take just the girls to the beach!  I still kept my eyes on them the whole time they were in the water but I didnt have to chase anyone or get sand thrown on me or anything stressful.  My lunch was sand free.

My crazy girls went in the freezing cold water.  Baby was scared of the water at first and Boogie was teasing her by running into the waves which would make Baby squeal. Hilarious.  By the end of the day Baby was in the water all by herself.  A little caution is fine with me!

It was the perfect way to end our Spring break.  I am glad we didn't end it on Monday!

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