Monday, April 7, 2014

My Big Decision

As I alluded to a few weeks ago, I was not happy with what our IEP team had to offer back in March.  I told them that at the meeting and told them I would keep an open mind and visit the school they suggested for Bunny.  The school is for children that are labeled "Severe".  Not a very nice label if you ask me.

In the meantime, I came up with my own plan.  I wanted to take Bunny out of preschool altogether and work with him at home.  Because I am so tired of him being sick.  And I am tired of our lives being run around his schedule.  Our quality of life (the boys and I) has gone way up since Bunny graduated from his early start preschool.  We have time to read books and take walks and play in the backyard and go to the park.  It's been heaven.

I know myself though.  I am not great on follow through.  I did not want to take Bunny out and fail him.  I don't want him to be further behind than he already is.  I needed a plan and accountability.

There is a program I have wanted to do with Bunny since he has just a few months old.  I researched it to death and read books on neurodevelopmental programs and begged Daddy to let me get him evaluated.  Daddy told me 1. I was crazy (we were barely surviving when the boys were that tiny) and 2. It wasn't fair to the other kids because this program is intense and takes a lot of work.

And he was right at that time.  My other kids needed what little they could get of me.  I was consumed with taking care of the boys.  Baby still wasn't in school and she still needed me.

I put the idea in the back of my mind and revisited it every now and then wishing that I could do it because I really thought it would make a difference for him.  I was jealous every time I saw that a new parent had started the program.

Now it is our turn.  I had Bunny evaluated last week and we started a neurodevelopmental program right away.  Once I realized I could do this instead of the preschool I felt peace.  I was worried that I wasn't making the right decision for days but when I called our Neurodevelopmentalist and talked to her about setting up an evaluation I knew that this was right.

These programs are somewhat controversial in the therapy world.  That is not a problem for me.  We eat different and I have different beliefs of medicine than a lot of people.  I am okay with doing something that is not the norm.  As it turns out, the Neurodevelopmentalist and I spoke extensively about Paleo eating and supplements.  I feel like this is the perfect fit for us.

Two days after his evaluation I took Bunny to visit the preschool.  I am beyond relieved he doesn't have to go there!!  It was small and run down and just honestly...sad.  It would break my heart to drop him off there everyday.

Bunny eating with socks on his hands to encourage pincer grasp.  He rocked it although he never will use pincer if he has full use of his hands.

Today was our first day to do a big chunk of our program.  I spent the weekend organizing our activities (we have about 30 and they vary in frequency from 1-4 times a day).  I cleaned the playroom and purged a ton of toys so that could be our workroom.  Buddy participates with us when he feels like it or plays on his own.  He is happy as long as we are all together.

I'm sure I will get better with organizing our time as the weeks go on.  I was fumbling a bit today but I'm just trying to figure out how to make it most efficient so that we can still enjoy our adventures outside together.  I don't want to lose that!!

I have already seen one MAJOR improvement in Bunny.  He is not a huge fan of 4 point crawling.  His preferred mode of movement is still army crawling although he can definitely crawl.  (Incidentally, his ND was thrilled that he was army crawling and not butt scooting and was going on and on about how great it was but I finally said "But he's 3!!"  Mommy is done seeing army crawling)  Anyway, today he 4 point crawled more than I have seen him do it in the last few weeks combined.  Every time I turned around he was crawling like a big boy!!  I am thrilled and quite honestly shocked to see such a huge improvement already.  It's amazing!

So that's what I have been cooking up these last few weeks. I am so sure this is the path we are supposed to take.  I truly believe this will help Bunny reach his potential.  There is no doubt in my mind he was not meant to go to the "severe" preschool.  Not happening on this momma's watch!

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