Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Whole 30

Last October one of my friends posted on Facebook that she had just finished a Whole 30.  I had never heard of a Whole 30 but being the nosey curious person I am, I investigated.

Basically, a Whole 30 is committing to eat no sweeteners (even natural ones), no legumes (peanuts included), dairy, or grains of any kind for 30 days.  I immediately decided I wanted to do one and quickly posted on Facebook looking for a partner because I was honestly afraid to do it alone.  We already eat gluten free and I use mostly Paleo recipes for dinner so I knew grains would be easy but I was really afraid of giving up dairy and sugar.  I have wanted to convert everyone to a grain free diet for awhile but I didnt have Daddy's support and I didn't even know if we could do it.  So I decided I would be the sacrificial lamb and give it a go for 30 days.

Let me tell you....I am a major sugar addict!!  Those first few weeks I would have traded one of my kids for a sweet.  I was constantly grumpy and feeling deprived.  And then the days passed and I felt amazing.  So amazing!!  Tons of energy!  I really got into my workout again and was able to and WANTED to do hour workouts at night.  That would have never happened before!

I learned a lot more about food too.  Like how sugar is an ingredient in almost everything you buy in the grocery store.  It's hard to find meat (sausages, bacon etc) without sugar!  It is also amazing to see how food affects our thoughts.  You dream about food while doing your thirty days!  I fell in love with veggies again.  I've always loved them but constantly pick junk food over veggies.  My favorite lunch before the Whole 30 was chips and cottage cheese.

I stayed pretty true to the Whole 30 eating when it was done with some dairy and natural sweeteners thrown in from time to time.  Then Christmas came and I started eating candy (albeit organic) and other treats way too often (every night).  Daddy had promised to do another Whole 30 with me in January so on January 1st we jumped in.

I honestly was worried he wouldn't finish.  Daddy loves his fast food and has never eaten gluten free with the rest of us.  He has his own shelf in our pantry with his "Daddy" foods that we don't touch.   He totally surprised me!  Not only did he stick to it for 30 days, he wants to keep going!!  He lost 15 lbs the first 30 days and didn't cheat once even when his work was going crazy (he's a stress eater) and his coworkers were trying to tempt him.  I am so proud of him!!!

One night I was feeling sick so he started dinner and was looking in the fridge for a vegetable and yelled "Oh yay!  Bell peppers!!!" That was definitely something I never would have thought I would hear coming out of his mouth.  He hated bell peppers before Whole 30.

We are 2 months past our Whole 30 end date.  My husband has lost 35 pounds.  He feels great and says he always wants to eat this way.  I would never have DREAMED that he would feel this way!! 

I have now helped a few more friends successfully finish a Whole 30 and most have had great results.  I encourage anyone who is not feeling great to learn more here.  Even if you are feeling fine but want to challenge yourself (I thought I was feeling fine before mine.  I feel even better now!)  My suggestion is to read the book first.  Especially if you have no idea what Paleo is.  It gives you the reasons why certain foods are eliminated for 30 days.  Knowledge is power.  I borrowed my copy from the library.

And of course if you need help ask me!

Lastly....I have seen many people say that they don't need to avoid dairy or grains because they have no allergies.  I have said the same thing MANY times.  But guess what...30 days of eliminating them and my stomach doesn't like them either!!  I had a stomach ache for a week after eating corn chips.  Recently, I added raw milk back into my diet and I have felt sick since I did.  I never would have guessed I was sensitive to either.  I had no signs.  So it's just something to consider. 

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