Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Prepping

When I am on my game, I do a lot of food prepping for the week on Sundays.  It makes things so much easier for me if I have muffins and pancakes and condiments done before our busy week starts.  Veggie washing and chopping is also a must.

In reality, I usually opt for a delicious nap on Sunday.  Naps are my favorite and there is nothing like a Sunday nap.  Daddy and I have an agreement that one of us wakes up with the kids and the other gets a nap.  Daddy let me sleep in today and it was 9:00am before I realized it was morning.  These early mornings with Buddy (5:ooam wake ups) are KILLING me.

Since I knew I wasn't going to get a nap today, I decided I would make it a prep day.  I asked the girls if they wanted to help and they were so enthusiastic.  It made me feel a little guilty because I don't ask them to help a lot.  I know I should (I hate that word).  I want them to be comfortable in the kitchen.  The truth is, spending time in the kitchen is not my favorite thing and when I have to instruct little ones on how to help and have patience for their messes I don't have a great time.  However, I know it's important to them so I try to include them when I can.

I started out with letting them do busy work while I got things ready to go.  A few weeks ago I decided that I needed snack time to be easier.  I made two boxes in the pantry.  One has junky carb snacks (pretzels, popcorn, veggie sticks etc) and the other has fruit and veggie snacks (applesauce squeezies, raisins, apple chips, kale chips etc).  The kids are allowed to take one of each for a snack.  I realize that so many baggies is a little wasteful but I am wasting less food and I control what goes in the bucket so it is working for us.  I use the little snack bags so the kids aren't overloading on bad food.  In a perfect world I wouldn't even have the junky snack foods but for now it makes life easier.

I put Baby in charge of snapping back together my paper towels.  They were so eager to help and they truly were helping me by doing these things that I didn't have to spend time on!

This is the key to a successful prep day.  Daddy and I ran out of coffee this morning so while I was at the store buying more I decided I needed some leaded fuel to keep me going today.

The first thing we made were these Paleo carrot flatbread rounds.  They sound weird but they work!  The boys will happily eat them with almond butter and jelly.  Boogie will eat them too.  Baby knows they are carrots and wont touch them.  I would much rather they eat these than gluten free bread for sure!  Bunny is so picky that I do sneak veggies in him.  I don't with the other kids but I feel like I have to with him.

We also started a brand new batch of Kombucha.  The girls were in awe of the scoby and asked lots of questions.  Baby and Buddy both LOVE kombucha.  Boogie is not a huge fan although I think I just haven't found her perfect flavoring.  Bunny is NOT a fan.

Next up was a favorite that all four kids love...Paleo Pumpkin muffins.  Because the girls were helping we added mini chocolate chips.

After that we stopped and washed all the dishes we had used so far.  The girls dried.  I was really grateful for their help here.  There are definitely perks to eager helpers!

Working on their measuring skills, we also made mayonnaise and salad dressing. The salad dressing is Daddy's favorite.  He often takes leftover salad to work so I like to have it ready for him.

I blew the girls mind with the mayo.  I just use my immersion blender and it is so easy and so fun to watch the oil magically turn into mayo.  They were licking the mayo off the blender when we were done.  We NEVER buy mayo so they were thrilled.

After we finished all of those things, We tried to make some beet crackers.  Every once in awhile I like to deviate from the tried and true path and try something new.  I'll be honest, I've had a lot of fails on our gluten free/Paleo journey.  I keep trying though because I don't want to get bored by always eating the same things.

Halfway through making the beet crackers Boogie said "Baby let's go bounce and give Mommy a break.  I think she needs some space"  I did.  My girl is very intuitive.  We really did have a great time though and they were great helpers so I think it should be a weekend tradition.

The beet crackers were interesting.  I would eat them but I'm a veggie lover.   Boogie liked them too although Buddy spit his out.  Baby wouldn't even try them.  I'm making kale chips for her tomorrow.  At least she'll eat those.  I am always more likely to make something that the majority of my kids will actually eat.

I also taught Boogie a valuable lesson today.  I have a little white board on my fridge where I keep my to do list.  I had a list of what we were making.  When we had finished two things she erased them.  I told her you never always cross off because then you can be proud of all you accomplished.  Important life lesson.  We got a lot done and we were pretty proud.

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