Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Fun

We don't spend a lot of time in the front yard.  Our street is semi busy with quite a few teenage drivers so managing the kids by myself when Daddy isn't home is not doable.

On Sunday, Boogie wanted to practice riding her bike so she and I set out.  Buddy saw what we were doing and insisted on joining.  I called in reinforcements and Baby joined us as well.  Bunny was still sleeping.

We got a balance bike for Buddy for Christmas because I am determined that he will ride a bike earlier than the girls but so far he is not all that interested.

He calls it his bouncy bike and he will walk around for a few minutes and then gets off and grabs his trusty pink and purple tricycle. (A hand me down obviously).  He is a great pedal-er. Daddy and Buddy went up and down the streets.

Boogie is doing better at bike riding.  I think if we had more time to devote to it she would be riding already.  It would also help if she was gentler on herself.  She wants to be perfect every time and gets greatly distressed when she falls.  I try to tell her it is just part of the process!

Baby started out riding bikes but quickly spotted a few ladybugs and she and I abandoned the others to catch ladybugs.  She is a girl after my own heart.  I loved bugs when I was little. 

It was all perfect and wonderful until the last five minutes.  Then all hell broke loose including Buddy throwing Baby's ladybugs into the driveway.  Daddy came to help and Baby yelled "YOU'RE KILLING THEM!" as he unknowingly stepped on them.

Of course right then our neighbors drove up and heard all the commotion.  Three kids melting down at the same time.  Thank God they have kids and grand kids.  They gave us some sympathetic looks.

Grandma and Pa showed up a few minutes later looking a little scared but a perfect distraction.  The ladybugs were mostly found and safely put away and all the bikes got put away.  Just another Sunday afternoon.

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