Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quick Tip: Paleo Nachos

These were born out of necessity.  I NEED to eat guacamole on a weekly basis and I can no longer eat corn chips.  I tried to do the root veggie chips a few times but they didn't sit well and they do have sunflower oil which I try not to eat.  Acceptable as an occasional treat but not a solution.

So I came up with Paleo nachos.  My goal is always to eat two different veggies at each meal.  Done and done.  The bacon is what I had but leftover taco meat would also be awesome.  The bell peppers are perfect dippers and surprisingly delicious with guacamole.  The snap peas are not as good but they'll do.

I made another variation of this last night for dinner.  Egg salad over bell peppers.  A huge hit. 

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  1. Lost you for a while..happy to find you again! You are fancy to me :-)


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