Friday, March 21, 2014

My Life as a Jail Warden(ess?)

Here is a Facebook update from a few days ago:

A five minute snapshot from today: The girls are in their rooms for calling each other names. Bunny is crabby and I am making him something to eat. Buddy is outside jumping on the trampoline. I sit down to feed Bunny and see Buddy reaching in his diaper outside. He had poop all over his hands. I run out to get him and while I am wiping him up I heard a huge crash. I left my huge GLASS of ice water too close to Bunny. When I came out of the bathroom to see what the noise what Bunny started cracking up.

Pretty much every five minutes of that day was the same.  As I was chatting with my mom later I was telling her I was proud of myself for keeping my cool and going with the flow even when it was super intense.  I mentioned that my children had finally beaten me down to the point of no return and we laughed.

My mom said that maybe God is preparing me for something.  I replied, "For what?  A job in a jail?".  We laughed pretty hard about that one. 

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