Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Surprising Kitchen Helper

This morning I was supposed to help at preschool for Buddy but it got canceled last minute so I decided to get a few food items prepped instead.  It rained yesterday and is still pretty gloomy and wet outside so it seemed like a good morning for it.

Buddy pulled up a chair as soon as I started washing carrots and asked to help.  I was reluctant but agreed he could wash the carrots.  He washed and I finished washing and chopped.  And then to my amazement he ate 3-4 carrot sticks raw.  He has only once tried a carrot and it was this recipe.  The one I was prepping for tonight since I know it will get him to eat veggies. I do carrots and broccoli together and omit the thyme.  It is our very favorite way to eat carrots now.

I've always read that if you have your kids help in the kitchen they are more willing to try things.  It just hasn't been the case with Baby.  If anything it makes her less willing to try things but apparently it works for Buddy!  Good to know!

Buddy also helped me peel kale chips from the dehydrator.  Then he ate them.  He does love his kale chips.

Next we made the broccoli sausage patties.  I made them last week and Buddy and Baby  won't eat them but both Boogie and I really enjoyed them, especially dipped in mustard.  I made a double batch today thinking she could take them to school and then remembered they have almonds in them and her class just went nut free.  Oh well....great after school snack and I am going to try them with sunflower seed flour next time and see if I can make that work because then she could take them to school.

We both thought they were a little bland last time so I added sea salt and onion powder this time and they are perfection!  I didn't have dry mustard so I skipped it thinking we would be dipping them in mustard anyway.  Also I forgot to squeeze out the broccoli and I just added more almond flour and cooked them a bit longer.  They turned out great.

And the best part?

Bunny LOVES them and ate three patties!!  Nothing could make me happier.  They have both meat and veggies in them!!  Two things he wont normally touch.  It made my day.

The only down side to my morning in the kitchen with Buddy is that Bunny couldn't be involved.  He happily played in the family room with his toys but it made me feel bad that he wasn't part of it.  So I have to think about that and how to make it work.  But I love that Buddy enjoyed himself because I want my sons to know their way around a kitchen!

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